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Curriculum Vitae


Arnold R. Rosenfeld Law, LLC; Sole Practitioner 
(2020- Present)

Sarrouf Law, LLP; Senior Counsel
(2011- March, 2020)

K & L Gates LLP; Of Counsel 
(1999- 2011)

Board of Bar Overseers, Supreme Judicial Court; Chief Bar Counsel 

Committee for Public Counsel Services; Chief Counsel

Massachusetts Defenders Committee; Deputy Chief Counsel 

Massachusetts Committee on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice; Executive Director

Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office; Deputy Assistant Attorney General



Adjunct Professor of Law, Northeastern University Law School 

Visiting Professor of Law, Boston University Law School 
(1989- 2012)

Adjunct Professor of Law, Suffolk University Law School 



Boston College Law School, J.D. (1967)
Bowdoin College, A.B., cum laude (1962)

•    American Bar Association (ABA) Standing Committee on Professional Discipline;  Chair 2013-2016; Member 2006-2009
•    American Bar Association, Center for Professional Responsibility, Strategic Development Committee
•    ABA, Professional Discipline Consultation Team
•    ABA, Center for Professional Responsibility, Coordinating Committee; Liaison to Standing Committee on Lawyer Professional Liability
•    Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers, Liaison to ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism
•    Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) Standing Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct (1998-2007)
•    SJC Appointed Member, Committee for Public Counsel Services (2006-2020)
•    Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (APRL)
•    Boston Bar Association (BBA) Committee on Attorney-Client Privilege
•    BBA Committee on Multidisciplinary Practice
•    Columnist, "Rosenfeld on Ethics", Lawyers Weekly of Massachusetts
•    National Organization of Bar Counsel (1991-1999)
•    SJC Advisory Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct (1995-98)
•    SJC Advisory Committee on Criminal Rules (1984-1990)
•    U.S. Department of Justice, National Commission on Criminal Justice  Standards and Goals, National Task Force on Community Crime Prevention, (1973-74)


•    St. Thomas More Award, Boston College Law School (2001)
•    Elected Member- American Law Institute (2003)
•    Inaugural Fellow-National Institute of Teaching Ethics and Professionalism (2005)
•    Best Lawyers in America (2006-present)
•    New England Super Lawyers
•    Thurgood Marshall Award, Committee for Public Counsel Services (2008)
•    Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, “Power List of 100 Most Influential Attorneys” (2009) 
•    Wasserstein Public Service Fellow-in-Residence, Harvard Law School (1997)

•    "The Public Interest Comes First: The Legacy of Herbert P. Wilkins", Massachusetts Law Review, Volume 84, No. 3, pp. 117-           124 (Winter 1999).
•    The Duties and Obligations of Confidentiality and Candor Under the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct".                    Massachusetts Law Review, Volume 82, No. 3, pp. 277¬288. (Winter 1997).
•    "The Bar Disciplinary Process in Massachusetts: Bar Counsel's Perspective", Massachusetts Law Review, Volume 79, No. 4,          pp.180-199(December, 1994)
•    "The Right to Counsel and Provision of Counsel to Indigents in Massachusetts: The Hennessy Era", Massachusetts Law                Review, Volume 74, No. 3, pp. 148-152 (September, 1989
•    “In the Lawyer-client Relationship, Who Makes the Decisions”, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, June 4, 2012
•    "When Legal Advice is an Issue in Patent Infringement Cases", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, May 7, 2007.
•    ”Legal Ethics of Coaching Witnesses: How Far Can You Go?", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, September 25, 2006.
•    "What is Work Product Immunity'', Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, November 7, 2005.
•    "Attorney-Client Privilege: Waiver by Disclosure to the Government", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, June 20, 2005.
•    "Protecting Privilege and Work Product, Disclosure to Agents of the Attorney or Client", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly,              January 17, 2005.
•    "Considerations for Joint or Common Defense Agreements", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, August 2, 2004.
•    "Seeking Consent to Future Conflicts of Interest", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, March 22, 2004."
•    "Inadvertent Disclosure of Confidential or Privileged Data", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, November 10, 2003.
•    "Waivers of Conflicts of Interest", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, June 30, 2003
•    "A Changing Landscape in Legal Ethics", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, January 6, 2003
•    "Ethical Duties to Prospective Clients", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, April 8, 2002.
•    "Ethical Obligations in Negotiation and Settlement", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, August 20, 2001.
•    "Clarifying Confidentiality and Attorney-Client Privilege", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, February 19, 2001.
•    "Ethical Obligations of Supervisory Lawyers", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, October 23, 2000.
•    "Ethical Issues in Advising a Witness", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, July 3, 2000.
•    "Ethical Issues in Solicitation of Clients", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, Feb. 7, 2000.
•    "Obligations of Criminal Defense Counsel Under the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct", Massachusetts                      Lawyers Journal, April 1999.
•    "Fitness for the Prosecution", Massachusetts Lawyers Journal, March 1999,
•    "Spin Control and the Ethical Rules", Massachusetts Lawyers Journal, December, 1998.
•    "Withdrawal from Representation of a Client", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, December 27, 1993.
•    "Referring Bar Investigations to Prosecutors", Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, August 3, 1992.
•    "Public Defender Programs: A Quick Guide to the Provision of Legal Services to Indigent Criminally Accused Persons", by             Arnold R. Rosenfeld, Cambridge, MA: Harvard Law School, 1997.
•    "Defense of Indigents in Massachusetts: A New Approach", Boston Bar Journal.
•    "Right to Counsel in Criminal Cases: the Mandate of Argersinger v. Hamlin", Book Review, Boston University Law Review,            Vol. 56, No. 5, 1976.
•    Privacy vs. Enforcement and Rehabilitation, A Practical Approach", Proceedings of the Second Annual Symposium on                 Criminal Justice and Statistics Systems, 1974.
•    "Security and Privacy of Criminal Justice Information Systems", State Government. The Journal of State Affairs, Vol. 48,                1974.


•    Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court 
•    U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts 
•    U.S. Supreme Court
•    U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit
•    U.S. Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit
•    U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit


U.S. Army (Infantry), Active Duty, June,1963-August, 1965; Honorable Discharge, Captain, USAR, 1968.

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